Ina Echterhof

couples counselor – health psychologist – work and organisational psychologist – systemic counselor – blended counseling

Couples Counseling

I offer counseling for couples who are in crisis or simply want to improve the quality of their relationship. I take a systemic approach, looking at the interactions of the parties involved in their context. I welcome couples of all kinds.

Psychological Counseling and Coaching

Are you looking for a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for a long time? Would you like to develop personally? I am looking forward to being at your side for psychological counseling and coaching.

Stress Prevention

Do you suffer from stress and want to become more resilient? I provide you individual counseling on how to deal with stress. Together we explore the causes of your stress and develop strategies on how you can better manage your everyday stress. In combination with counseling, I offer an online course on stress prevention.

Companies can book stress prevention courses which can also be combined with an online course for their employees.

Work and Organisational Psychology

For companies, I offer seminars and lectures on various topics of working life within the framework of human resources development, for example stress prevention courses, seminars on time and self-management or communication training for teams. My seminars can be accompanied by online courses for self-study.

Online Services and Blended Counseling

Since 2018, I have been offering online counseling, online courses and online seminars, which can be combined as needed.


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