Couples Counseling

For couples who are in crisis or simply want to improve the quality of their relationship, I offer couples counseling in my office as well as online. I welcome all types of partnerships, not only married couples or heterosexual cohabiting couples, but also homosexual couples and couples of any kind.

In counseling we can discuss any topic of a partnership: from problems with sexuality and infidelity, to healthy argument culture and communication, ageing together, divergent needs or feelings of alienation, to how to deal with patchwork families. We discuss your goals for counselling in the initial consultation. However, my goal is always that couples experience a well-intentioned interest in each other and can turn to each other lovingly and respectfully – without losing sight of themselves as individuals. Because the personality of each individual should also be able to develop at the other person’s side.

I take a systemic approach in which the actions of the persons involved are considered in their context. Especially in couples counseling, it is important to me that all participants meet at eye level and cooperate constructively instead of looking for culprits. At the same time, I follow the approach of short-term therapy. Thus, I see myself as a self-help tool for adults and, in my understanding, I do a good job when we find solutions in only a few sessions.

I feel committed to the professional ethical guidelines of Berufsverband für Psychologinnen und Psychologen (BDP), which you can read here.

Health insurance companies do not usually cover the costs of counseling or therapy for couples. I charge 90 EUR for 60 minutes of couples counseling and 45 EUR for the initial consultation. Counseling can take place at my premises or online. I also offer home visits.


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