Psychological Counseling and Coaching

Do you want to solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time? Do you feel constantly being stressed and want to change your life for the better? You would like to understand aspects of yourself better, bring order to your thoughts? Or would you like to bring order into your environment? In your relationships with other people, you are constantly experiencing conflicts that you are fed up with and would like to resolve?

With psychological counseling and coaching, together we can get to the bottom of the issues that are bothering you. I work with the methods of systemic counseling and emphasise a solution-oriented approach that explores and builds on your resources. In doing so, I follow the approach of short-term therapy, i.e. I see myself as a self-help tool for adults and, in my understanding, I do a good job when you have found your solutions in just a few sessions. I am committed to the ethical guidelines of my professional association.

The costs for my counselling are usually not covered by health insurance. I charge 90 EUR for a 60 minute session and 45 EUR for the initial consultation. Counseling can take place at my premises or online. I also offer home visits.

If you have severe problems such as severe anxiety or suicidal thoughts, please contact your family doctor, your health insurance company or a psychotherapeutic psychotherapist directly. I am a psychologist specialising in couples counselling, communication, health psychology and work & organisational psychology and cannot offer support for serious clinical issues.


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No coverage by health insurance


    The data transmission on the Internet can have security gaps - a complete protection of your data against access by unauthorized persons is not possible. Therefore, please use this contact form only for the first contact or appointments. You can exchange confidential information with me via encrypted e-mails. Please just ask me about it.

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