Stress Prevention and Stress Management

These days we are exposed to many different everyday stressors of a professional or private nature. I will help you to understand how to improve your personal handling of stress in order to do something for your physical and mental health or to improve your quality of life. I also offer stress prevention courses to companies for their employees. General information on seminars and lectures for companies can be found here.

My work is based on current scientific research on the topic of stress as well as the stress prevention concept “Gelassen und sicher im Stress” by Prof. Gerd Kaluza, which has been recognised by health insurance companies for stress prevention for a long time. I have been certified by Prof. Kaluza to use his concept.

For individuals I provide individual counseling combined with an online seminar. The contents of the seminar are worked out in self-study and then discussed in personal counseling and related to the individual life situation in order to show stress-reducing or stress-avoiding behavioural alternatives. If desired, only the counseling or only the online course can be chosen.

Online Seminar on Dealing with Stress

The online seminar is interactive with texts, audio files, questionnaires and exercises. There, I impart basic biological knowledge on the topic of stress and guide people to reflect on their own stress reactions and their possible consequences for their health. I offer relaxation training based on the principle of progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training to teach an exemplary method of relaxation. In mental training, beneficial ways of thinking and attitudes are developed in order to remain more relaxed in everyday life. Problem-solving training is about actively dealing with stressors (stress triggers) in order to eliminate them where possible. Enjoyment training is designed to help promote relaxation and gratitude in everyday life in order to focus on the beautiful things in life. In addition, there is a strategy for acute cases.

Stress arises mainly in the mind, which is why our perception and thinking play an important role in stress prevention. But movement and body awareness also play a big role in reducing and avoiding stress, which is why we discuss how movement can actually be put into practice. All in all, I teach instrumental, mental and regenerative stress skills.

The online seminar can be found here:

The one-time costs for the online seminar are 100 EUR. I charge 90 EUR for a 60-minute counselling session and 45 EUR for the initial consultation. The counselling can take place on my premises or online. I also offer home visits.

Your health insurance company must clarify whether it will cover the costs of the online seminar before you take advantage of the service. Please contact your health insurance company before making a binding booking for the seminar.

Online Seminars for Companies

For companies, I create tailor-made offers for stress prevention courses that can take place online or in person.


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